Welcome to ValleyJACK.com! - Home of KJAV 104.9, JACK FM.

I bet you guys expected a nice, fancy-schmancy website, huh? So did we. But, we're flat broke and our web designer left when we ran out of milk and cookies; he also said something about a 7pm bedtime curfew.

We'll be adding more stuff as we go along (he also has a book report due.) So, pull up a chair and look around. We got concerts and contests coming up and all sorts of stuff to keep you JACKed!

Keep listening to the station taking the RGV by storm and TALK TO JACK @ 866-470-JACK. We want to hear from you - really, we do!

104.9 JACK FM - where our employees have been felony-free for the last 3 years. Ya, we're proud of that!